Building the Ten Percent

The motto of our Lara-Murphy Report is “Building the 10%.” We agree with Ludwig von Mises that ultimately we are engaged in an intellectual battle of ideas, and only by changing public opinion can we turn the tide against the harmful institutions and government policies that permeate our financial world. This is why we stress the importance of education. It is the rationale for our efforts in writing articles and books, giving lectures, and setting up this very website—all to teach the public about Austrian economics and the flaws with our current system.

Although it might seem like a daunting task to convince a majority of the public to change their thinking, our job is easier than it first appears. In every age, most people are not deep thinkers or leaders; they simply follow what the elites tell them. Research shows that if a new fad or idea gains the support of a critical threshold—a “tipping point”—then its support snowballs and it soon becomes very popular.

We have run the calculations—which subscribers can look up in the November 2015 issue of the Lara-Murphy Report—and determined that focusing on financial professionals is a plausible approach to reaching the broader public. If we can convince 10 percent of the right people then we can effect a tremendous influence on our nation’s future.

As you are reading these words, we believe that you are just such a person. Won’t you join us, spreading these ideas to your friends and colleagues, and help us… Build the 10%.