Information for Business Owners


Welcome to, the website that combines Austrian economics with Nelson Nash’s Infinite Banking Concept (IBC). We believe that every business owner in America would benefit from learning the insights of these two frameworks. Time is of the essence because—unfortunately—we believe that the policies of the Federal Reserve since 2008 have set our economy up for another crash.

Positive Cashflow

Although our perspective is crucial for ordinary households, we believe it is particularly relevant to the business owner. After all, the business owner is above all dependent upon positive cashflow—and this is precisely the virtue of IBC. Namely, it uses specially designed, dividend-paying whole life policies as the perfect vehicle for cashflow management.

The Time is Now

When we consider the bleak economic outlook (due in large part to the reckless policies of the Federal Reserve since 2008), as well as the new financial regulatory framework, it is even more important for business owners to familiarize themselves with our viewpoint.

Introductory Reading for the Business Owner

If you are new to Austrian economics and IBC, we recommend the posts below to get started. Each has further links to take you as deep as you wish to pursue your studies. In the meantime, be sure to check back to our home page periodically to keep up with our blog posts and podcast to get the Privatized Banking perspective on current financial events.

What's Next

If and when you are ready to talk to a financial professional about applying these insights to your own business, we recommend that you contact us to set up an initial (and free) consultation. Carlos Lara has had decades in consulting with business owners, and with just a brief conversation will be much better able to assist you in harnessing the power of IBC.