Information for Individuals


Welcome to, the website that combines Austrian economics with Nelson Nash’s Infinite Banking Concept (IBC). We believe that every household in America would benefit from learning the insights of these two frameworks. Time is of the essence because—unfortunately—we believe that the policies of the Federal Reserve since 2008 have set our economy up for another crash.

The Austrian School of Economics

Study of the Austrian School of economics can help you understand the causes of the business cycle. Economic theory alone will not make you rich or give you a crystal ball, but at least you will not be caught astonished when the bottom falls out.

The Infinite Banking Concept

Study of IBC will show you how to immediately implement what we call “privatized banking,” in which you can use specially designed whole life insurance policies as a very effective vehicle for cashflow management.

Introductory Reading for Individuals

If you are new to Austrian economics and IBC, we recommend the posts below to get started. Each has further links to take you as deep as you wish to pursue your studies. In the meantime, be sure to check back to our home page periodically to keep up with our blog posts and podcast to get the Privatized Banking perspective on current financial events.

What's Next?

If and when you are ready to talk to a financial professional about applying these insights to your own household, please consult this list of the graduates of the IBC Practitioner Program. Along with Nelson Nash and David Stearns, we created this program to give the public a source of qualified professionals who could help with the implementation of Nelson Nash’s vision in tailor-made solutions.