Episode 53: The Case for IBC: Chapter 5, Part I, “The Economics of IBC”

Carlos and Bob continue their series, summarizing some of the material in Chapter 5 of their new book (co-authored with Nelson Nash). However, because Chapter 5 contains so much material, they are breaking the treatment up into two separate episodes. In this Part I, they address questions such as, “Can only certain people practice IBC?” and, “Shouldn’t I buy term and invest the difference?”

Mentioned in this episode:

  • The Case For IBC
  • IBC Seminar for the General Public in Chicago, May 19, 2018. Details here.
  • Mises Institute event in Nashville, April 14, 2018. Details here.
  • Three-part podcast series on “buy term and invest the difference,” starting with episode 4.

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